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The OSHA Alliance Program 

Through the Alliance, OSHA (Occupational  Safety & Health Administration) and NAWIC work together to promote safe and secure workplaces.  Participants in the Alliance Program support OSHA's strategic goals by developing alliance agreements and implementing project plans that emphasize:

  • Raising Awareness of OSHA's Rulemaking and Enforcement Initiatives, such as by:
      • Sharing information on OSHA's regulatory agenda and opportunities to participate in the rulemaking process.
      • Training workers on new and revised standards.
      • Developing worker information on new and revised standards.
      • Sharing information on National Emphasis Programs (NEPs).
      • Developing compliance assistance materials for other specifically targeted hazards/industries.
      • Participating in various forums and groups to discuss ways of improving workplace safety and health programs.
      • Encouraging worker participation in workplace safety and health.
  • Outreach and Communication, such as by:
      • Creating and sharing compliance assistance materials in English, Spanish, and other languages for workers and/or employers.
      • Conducting best practice seminars in support of OSHA's enforcement initiatives.
      • Speaking or exhibiting at conferences and meetings.
  • Training and Education, such as by:
      • Developing effective worker training and education programs.
      • Arranging for the delivery of worker training. 

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