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Mentoring A Girl In Construction (MAGIC) Camp 2011


MAGIC is a free, week-long day camp for 7th through 12th grade girls designed to introduce them to opportunities for a non-traditional career in the construction trades.  The girls gain hands-on experience as well as self-confidence and respect for each other throughout the week.

18 photo(s) Updated on: 23 Apr 2011
  • A mid-construction tour of the Barnes Museum on the Parkway. ($100MM)
  • The MAGIC Class of 2011
  • LF Driscoll hosts a tour of the Barnes Museum
  • Erica Leeds explains construction drawings
  • SimplexGrinnell reviews safety. A common theme throughout the week.
  • Toolbox progress with the Carpenters JAC instructors.
  • Inspection of the under-construction dive tank for underwater welding in the dockbuilders shop.
  • Review of electrical components at IBEW 98.
  • Fiber optic cable splicing.
  • Playing in the mud - mixing up a new batch from the new "greener" mud boxes.
  • The very cool virtual painter at Finishing Trades Institute.
  • Four future tapers at DC21.
  • Glass cutting practice with the Glaziers.
  • Taper stilts - the hit of the week.
  • Muscling the steel at the Sprinkler Fitters.
  • Learning the steps to glue CPVC pipe at LU692.
  • Testing and controlling the fire pump pressure with a partner on the valve at the pump.
  • In control of the water pressure off the pump.

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